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Terms of Use (“the Terms”)

1. Who we are

Our Site is owned, and services offered on our Site are operated by Linen Mill Studios Limited, a Company registered in Northern Ireland, Company Number NI8331 located at the address 1-6 St Helen’s Business Park, Holywood BT18 9HQ referred to on our Site as “we” or “us”.

2. Who you are

On our Site we describe a Visitor to and / or a User of our Site as “you”.

3. Understanding the terms

These Terms apply to browsing, using and / or transacting purchases on our website referred herein as “our Site”.

By using our Site, you confirm your understanding of these Terms of use of our Site.

4. Acceptance of the terms

By use of our Site, you confirm your acceptance of and your agreement to the Terms and to any new Terms which we may post on our Site. We may, from time to time, change the Terms. We may advise you of any such changes by any reasonable means, including by posting the amended version of the Terms on our Site. Your use of our Site, following any such changes we might make to the Terms, will confirm your acceptance of such changes. Any such changes to the Terms shall not apply retroactively to any claim or dispute between you and us in connection with the Terms if such dispute arose prior to the date on which we last updated the Terms. We may, at any time, change or delete all or part of our Site.

We may levy a service charge, alter or waive service charges for use of our Site.

5. To whom do the terms apply

The Terms apply to you when you access our Site whether via the Internet, Wireless Application Protocol, Mobile Network or in any other way.

6. Agreement between you and us

By using our Site, you are entering into an Agreement between you and us, “this Agreement”.

7. On site conduct / right to terminate

In using our Site, you agree to obey the law and respect the rights of others. We invite you, on our Reviews page, to accurately record and to add comment on your experiences of using our Site. We will not, however, permit, accept, publish or retain in a customer review, language which we, in our absolute discretion, deem to be obscene, foul-mouthed, objectionable or defamatory.

We reserve the right to:

  • terminate your use of our Site for any conduct which we consider to be inappropriate, or for any breach by you of this Agreement
  • honour, or not to honour, or to impose conditions on the honouring of, any Ticket, Gift Voucher, merchandise, coupon, coupon code, promotional code or other similar documents or promotions obtained by your use of our Site
  • to bar any previous or intending user of our Site from making any or all Transaction(s)
  • to refuse to provide any user of our Site with any Product.

8. Registration

In our absolute discretion, we may decide that you need to register to use any part(s) of our Site. Should we require that you make such registration, we may:

  • reject, or require you to change, any username, password or other information which you attempt to provide to us in registering
  • refuse you access to our Site should we determine that you are not limiting use of your username and / or password to being for your exclusive personal use
  • you are not keeping your username or password confidential

Note: You are fully responsible for any use of your username and password. You agree to immediately inform us, as soon as you become or are made aware of, any breach or unauthorized use of your username and password.

9. Site availability

Our Site may not be appropriate or available for use in some jurisdictions outside Northern Ireland. When you access our Site:

  • you do so at your own risk
  • you are responsible for complying with all local laws, rules and regulations applicable in the territory within which you access our Site.

We may, at any time, in our absolute discretion, limit our Site’s availability, in whole or in part, to any person, geographic area or jurisdiction of our choice.

10. Our services and products

On our Site, we provide you with information and services enabling you to book and confirm Tickets of Admission to the Game of Thrones Studio Tour (“the Tour”), to purchase official merchandise of the Tour, Gift Vouchers related to the Tour and other related services, collectively “goods and / or services”.

11. Descriptions, images, information on products on our site

Descriptions of, images of, and / or references to goods and / or services offered by us on our Site have been provided to us by our Licensors and Product suppliers and are included on our Site for guidance purposes only. They do not automatically suggest, imply or confirm our recommendation, approval or endorsement of such goods and / or services. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, we reserve the right, with or without prior notice, at our sole discretion, at times and dates of our choice, to change any or all such descriptions, images, and references and to limit or withdraw the availability of any such goods and / or services offered on our Site.

12. Good and / or services purchased by you on the site

Should you choose to purchase any goods and / or services made available to you by us through our Site (each such purchase, a “Transaction”), you may be asked to supply certain information in connection with each Transaction, including without limitation your credit or debit card number or other payment account number, your billing address, your email address, your postal address or other shipping information.

By commencing a Transaction, you undertake and warrant to us that you are of a legal age to enter into the Transaction, or if you are not, that you have obtained parental or guardian consent to enter into the Transaction and are fully authorised and have a legal right to use the payment instrument which you intend to use to complete the Transaction.

Unless we expressly provide otherwise, all purchases and Transactions which you make on our Site are subject to this Agreement.

13. Unaccompanied children cannot enter into any transaction on the site

You undertake and warrant that any and all information, which you provide, relating to any children included in the Transaction, including age(s) at the time of the intended transaction, will be true and accurate.

You also undertake and warrant that any child included by you in a Transaction will be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or above. Unaccompanied children will not under any circumstances be admitted to any service offered on our Site.

14. Prices of goods and services offered on the site

Price(s) and / or availability of any goods and / or services offered by us on our Site are subject to change without notice.

If, for any reason, any goods and / or services are listed and offered at an incorrect price or with other incorrect information, we retain the right to refuse to supply such goods and / or services or to cancel any Transaction for such goods and / or services and to refund any payment which we may have received from you for any such Transaction.

You shall pay all charges incurred by you or on your behalf through your use of our Site, at the price or prices in effect at the time such charges are incurred, including without limitation any postage, shipping and / or handling charges which we in our absolute discretion may apply.

15. Payment receipt and processing by us

We or our third-party Payment Processors will automatically process the value of your Transaction(s) charges against your selected payment method on completion of your purchase and will provide confirmation on completion of your Transaction.

We will inform you if all or any portion of your Transaction is cancelled or if additional or different information is required to complete your Transaction and, on our Site, we will explain the difficulty which needs to be resolved. We will make every effort to find solutions but, we will not compromise your or our security in the payment process.

16. Confirmation and electronic issue of tickets of admission to the studio tour

On receipt by us of your payment of the value of your Transaction(s) made on our Site, we will, on our Site, confirm the successful completion of your booking(s) of your selected goods and / or services. Your booking confirmation and ticket(s) of admission will be made available to your designated Mobile Device, email address for you to print, to be collected by you at our Ticket Sales office at The Boulevard or, if requested by you, will be mailed, at your cost, to you to the address you will have provided.

Certain Merchandise Products require a confirmation reference number which we must obtain on your behalf from a Merchandise Product supplier. This process can, from time to time, cause a delay in our being able to issue to you, an immediate confirmation of your purchase. We will advise you if such a delay arises and we will keep you informed of the timing of confirmation and delivery.

17. Confirmation of and delivery of hard-copy printed tickets of admission to the studio tour

If you choose to purchase and to receive hard-copy, printed tickets of admission, your tickets will be mailed, at your cost, to you by priority mail to the address you provided to us. Prior to hard-copy, printed Tickets of Admission being mailed to you we will require you to authorise us to charge you and you will make payment to us for all mailing costs and other charges which may arise in delivering the Tickets of Admission to you.

Note: Should you, or another person on whose behalf you were acting, lose one or more hard-copy, printed tickets, those lost tickets cannot and will not be re-issued and will be regarded as Tickets of Admission which have been cancelled by you.

18. Goods and / or services delivery conditions

Except to the extent prohibited by Northern Ireland applicable law, we reserve the right to vary goods and / or services delivery options. Technical or operational problems may, from time to time, delay or prevent delivery to you of one or more of the goods and / or services. Except to the extent that Northern Ireland applicable law provides otherwise, your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any goods and / or services which are not delivered within a reasonable period will be either the replacement by us of such goods and / or services or a refund of the purchase price you paid for such goods and / or services, as determined by us in our sole discretion.

19. Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specifically agreed the Terms and this Agreement shall be subject to and construed in accordance with Northern Ireland Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Northern Ireland. It is hereby deemed that the Agreement is made in the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland and is not subject to any other jurisdiction or laws, unless as otherwise may be expressly stated in this Agreement.