PRESS RELEASE: Winter Is Coming: Iconic Stark family costume display

PRESS RELEASE: Winter Is Coming: Iconic Stark family costume display

October 2, 2023

New Stark Family seasonal display celebrates early Winterfell costumes
Winter Is Coming: A Stark Family Reunion celebrates the first costumes worn by the much-loved Winterfell clan.

The official Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Northern Ireland is taking a nostalgic journey back to 2011 and the debut of Game of Thrones with its latest seasonal costume exhibition.

Set in the courtyard of Winterfell when Eddard (Ned), Catelyn Stark, and their children met with King Robert Baratheon and his wife Cersei, the iconic costumes designed by Michele Clapton include those that first introduced Arya, Bran, Rickon, Robb, and Sansa Stark.

The autumnal-themed display will later transform as Game of Thrones Studio Tour prepares for winter with the first costume worn by Jon Snow joining the Starks.

In addition to the new Stark family costume exhibit, there are many Stark artefacts visitors can explore, including the authentic Winterfell Great Hall, Bran’s Chamber, and The Crypts sets – where actors and crew brought to life unforgettable moments across the show’s remarkable eight seasons – Sansa’s breathtaking coronation gown, Bran’s distinctive wheelchair, and, of course, the legendary weaponry such as Arya’s Needle sword, Jon Snow’s Longclaw, and the Catspaw Dagger, which plays a pivotal role in HBO’s House of The Dragon, Season 1.

 Sherryl Murphy, Marketing Manager at Game of Thrones Studio Tour, said: “Our seasonal costume displays have proved popular with visitors, and we have had a great reaction to the Dorne costume display that was launched by Indira Varma in June.

“We are thrilled to be going back to Season 1 and Episode 1 of Game of Thrones for our next costume display. It’s exciting for us because some of the costumes have been in storage for the 12 years since the filming of Episode 1.”

New Stark Family costumes on display at Game of Thrones Studio Tour: 

The costume display will include:

Ned Stark: Ned’s costume is practical and sombre, echoing his serious character. Heavy wools, furs and leather worn by the Stark family are needed for the hard life in Winterfell. As a man of the people, Ned’s clothing is relatively simple, the only sign of status is his heavy wool cloak with fur pelt, giving him his iconic silhouette.

Sansa Stark: Shown to be a keen seamstress, Sansa perfects her sewing skills through the seasons beginning with this simple blue silk dress. Simple but beautiful embroidery decorates this relatively modest dress, the colour of which sets her apart from others in her family and suggests the young, naïve Sansa wants to seem more sophisticated and mature.

Rob Stark: Often referred to as ‘The Young Wolf’, Robb’s costume emulates that of his father Ned, with his brown leather doublet, and his cloak and fur only slightly smaller than that of his father. Eldest of the family and destined to lead but only just out of boyhood, Robb’s costume gives little away to the man he later becomes.

Catelyn Stark: A fiercely protective wife and mother, Catelyn Stark hails from the wealthy House Tully and maintains her sophistication in Winterfell. She wears a traditional Stark undershirt beneath a gown of a grey-green colour that recalls the region of her birthplace in the Riverlands of Westeros.  The silver fish clasp on her coat repeats the House Tully Sigil. and alongside the delicate embroidery on her cloak show her prodigious social standing within The North.

Arya Stark:  The antithesis of her sister Sansa, Arya is not one for dresses or sewing. It is not long before she shows her determination to emulate the bravery of her brothers, and this simple Stark blue knotted gown is soon replaced with a more masculine look.

Bran Stark: The Sigil of House Stark, a Direwolf, can be seen proudly worn on Bran’s cloak. Bran is still a boy, learning much from his father and older brothers. His costume has a softer feel with linen doublet and warm tan moleskin trousers, indicating he is still yet a child.

Rickon Stark: Simplicity runs through the costumes of the Stark men and Rickon is no exception. Youngest of the Stark family his costume is less encumbered than that of his older siblings, his cloak shorter and not as heavy, and the lighter hues suggest a more childlike quality.