PRESS RELEASE: Irish girl says ‘yes’ to Game of Thrones-inspired proposal

PRESS RELEASE: Irish girl says ‘yes’ to Game of Thrones-inspired proposal

October 19, 2022

‘Nervous’ Matt proposed in front of the Iron Throne at Game of Thrones Studio Tour
A Co Down man has proposed to his sweetheart in front of the iconic Iron Throne at Game of Thrones Studio Tour after their shared love for the hit TV show had brought them together several years ago.

Delivery driver Matt Burns (29) stunned Dundalk-born Sarah O’Connor (29) when she turned to find him on one knee with an engagement ring in the Destroyed Throne Room at Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

Three years ago, Warrenpoint man Matt struck up a conversation with creche worker Sarah after discovering they were both big fans of Game of Thrones, which was filmed in Northern Ireland for more than a decade.

He had been waiting and planning for the opportunity since Covid restrictions were lifted earlier this year but, in the end, it was a “hastily arranged” proposal that saw them embrace in front of the Iron Throne.

Matt said: “I had been going over a proposal in my head, always thinking about how I would do it. But when we decided to visit Game of Thrones Studio Tour, I knew that was the perfect time and location. So, I ended up in a rush to get things organised and my friends rallied to help. I had asked the Studio Tour if it was okay to do it and they embraced the idea – and went beyond to spoil us on the day.”

Matt waited for his moment as Sarah stood in awe of the Iron Throne. She initially thought Matt was taking a photograph of her on his phone but soon released he was holding an engagement ring.

Sarah said: “It was a total shock. My emotions were already running high because of the fantastic Tour. I was so shocked and so happy that I could hardly speak. I had no idea it was happening. It was only after the proposal that I realised all the Tour Guides and staff knew about it!”

Matt and Sarah, who is a mother of one to Lily (9), said wedding plans are further down the line due to a pending new arrival.

“We’re expecting our first child in January, and we are buying a house too, so we have priorities to deal with. After that, we can focus on a date for the wedding,” said Matt.

Sarah added: “Matt is such a great stepfather and partner. Even with so much going on for him ahead of the proposal, he got Lily a beautiful butterfly necklace the same day.”

Gail Warke, Campaign Marketing Manager at Game of Thrones Studio Tour said: “I think every member of staff at Game of Thrones Studio Tour knew about the proposal and was very excited about it.

“It’s such a perfect location, especially for two people who found love as a result of being great fans of the TV series. It was a great moment for them and I’m sure it’s one they will cherish.”

Photo & Video Credit: @rawcreativeni

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