BLOG: Walk into Winterfell

BLOG: Walk into Winterfell

November 15, 2022

Meet Jess

Our superb Tour Guide Jess took our viewers on a virtual tour through the iconic set of Winterfell at Game of Thrones Studio Tour, Banbridge, Northern Ireland. 

Have you ever wondered what scenes were actually filmed in the Great Hall of Winterfell, or how much of the set is still intact? Ever noticed how the sets and costumes evolve throughout the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones? Well, if you’re interested to find out more, we’ve got you covered. 

Jess has been a Tour Guide with us since our Official Opening in February 2022 and as a huge fan of the television series she has an extensive knowledge of Game of Thrones. Fun facts about Jess; she has two white German shepherds, one of which was named after Ghost the direwolf and she has three tattoos inspired by Daenerys Targaryen’s beloved dragons! 

Winterfell Hall 

The Winterfell Great Hall set is placed at the heart of the Studio Tour, with its hearty fireplace and warm candle lights still in the very position they were in during the making of Season 8. Jess tells us more about the set’s evolution, “What’s really cool about this set is actually how it evolved over time throughout the series. Although it appears unchanging, there have been some small changes. For example, when Ramsay Bolton took Winterfell he put shutters on the windows. They also made the chimney bigger after it was burned down by Theon Greyjoy, which you may not have noticed”. 

Things to look out for

Costumes surround the outside of the Great Hall with many re-enacting famous scenes from the series, including the knighting of Brienne of Tarth by Jaime Lannister which marked the first female knight in all of Westeros. If you’re a big fan of the series you’ll be interested to know that the death of Littlefinger, the proclaiming of Jon Snow as King of the North and the coronation of Sansa as Queen of the North were all filmed right here in Linen Mill Studios, now home to Game of Thrones Studio Tour. 

When you visit the Game of Thrones Studio Tour, be sure to look out for the props both subtle and memorable. If you’ve been watching House of the Dragon, you may notice a certain dagger, dating back to the first Targaryens, propped up by Arya’s belt. Most of the Stark children will be donned with furs and leathers to protect against the harsh climate of the North and other small details in clothing will nod to the Stark’s direwolf sigil and House Tully as a respect for their late mother Catelyn Stark née Tully. Or perhaps your house of choice isn’t the Starks or the Targaryens, lucky for you we have plenty of characters in the Great Hall. 

The Great Hall is the perfect spot for the whole family to get a group picture and bask in the warm ambience of the candle lit room fit for a King or Queen. Our amazing Tour Guides will be able to answer any questions you may have and tell you a bit about the iconic scene before you. 

Delve into the Crypts

The ancestral home of the Starks boasts of height and humble Northern grandeur. Located near the Great Hall are the crypts, with a number of statues, some of which were featured in the series and others custom made for the Studio Tour. Each of the crypts shown in the television series feature a member of the Stark family accompanied by a stunning statue of their Direwolf, two of which you may recognise are Eddard Stark and his late sister Lyanna Stark. When you step into the crypts you can take a selfie with your favourite Stark character, one of our many photo opportunities throughout your adventure of the Seven Kingdoms. 

Other sets throughout the tour include; the lands Beyond the Wall, Castle Black, Dragonstone, King’s Landing. Keep an eye out for more of our virtual tours on our YouTube Channel.


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