BLOG: Top ten things to do at Game of Thrones Studio Tour

BLOG: Top ten things to do at Game of Thrones Studio Tour

November 15, 2022

There is so much to see and do at Game of Thrones Studio Tour. To help you make the most of your journey through the world’s only official Studio Tour, we’ve put together some of our favourite things to do. 

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones mega fan or looking to learn a bit more about the making of the world’s most successful TV production, there is something for everyone. 


1. Step into iconic sets  

From the sunny halls of King’s Landing, to the ancient map room at Dragonstone, to Winterfell Great Hall, Game of Thrones Studio Tour features many iconic sets from the global hit TV series. 

Did you know that the set of Winterfell Great Hall is still standing in the same place since filming?  

Walk in the footsteps of the stars and marvel at the detail of these stunning sets. 

Kings Landing map courtyard, kings landing, Cersei and Jamie map room, Game of Thrones Studio Tour map courtyard


2. See original costumes from the show  

Get up close and explore the intricate detail of the original screen used costumes from the award-winning series. 

Marvel at their stunning detail, from Sansa’s coronation dress to Daenerys’ memorable white coat to Jon Snow’s ‘King in the North’ garb and many more, with over 140 costumes on display. 

costume gallery, costume gallery game of thrones, game of thrones costumes


3. Interactive experiences 

Step beyond the screen and get transformed into show characters with Motion Capture. Be transported anywhere in Westeros and beyond by the magic of green screen technology. 

See how the creators made Giants walk and dragons fly with astounding special effects. 

Add your face to the Hall of Faces, test your archery skills and even design your very own Game of Thrones Sigil for your noble house.  

Our interactive screens are positioned throughout the tour and are a must do for all the family. 

interactives, interactives at Game of Thrones Studio Tour,


4. Find famous props and hidden secrets 

The tour is overflowing with hidden secrets and hundreds of authentic props featured in the original series 

Can you find Jon Snow’s ‘TRAITOR’ sign or Daenerys’ dragon eggs?  There are plenty of hidden easter eggs for eagle eyed fans, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know online what you find. 

Melisandre necklace, jewellery Game of Thrones Studio Tour, props Game of Thrones Studio Tour


5. Enjoy a delicious meal 

Like all cast and crew on location, everyone needs to take a break now and again. 

Our two onsite cafés offer a wide range of delicious meals to help fuel you on your journey through the Seven Kingdoms.  

Our Studio Café seated restaurant is positioned at the centre of the tour and has a wide range of hearty meals, from mouth-watering burgers to a range of vegan and vegetarian options.  

If you would prefer something lighter then hit the Lobby Café for a selection of sandwiches, toasties, hot beverages and sweet treats. 

Studio Tour Dining, Game of Thrones Studio Tour restaurant


6. Original weapons 

The Studio Tour hosts an onsite armoury that showcases some of the most recognisable and unique weapons from the series, from Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword Longclaw to the Catspaw dagger that recently featured in the Game of Thrones prequel series ‘House of the Dragon’. 

Learn how these incredible weapons were created and the inspiration behind fantastical designs such as Valyrian steel. 

weapons from Game of Thrones, Longclaw, catspaw dagger, Heartsbane


7. Visit the world’s largest Game of Thrones shop 

Our Studio Shop offers an exclusive range of Game of Thrones Studio Tour merchandise. Here you can buy all you need to show your house loyalty with shirts, coasters, mugs, jewellery and much more.  

Game of Thrones Studio tour shop, Game of Thrones merchandise


8. Capture epic memories 

Take advantage of the amazing photo opportunities at Game of Thrones Studio Tour and immortalise your visit to Westeros for all time. Pose for a selfie with statues of the Stark children or get a picture on the legendary Iron Throne. 

This replica throne is set before a green screen allowing you to mark the time you ruled from the most powerful seat in all of Westeros.  

Game of Thrones Studio Tour, get your picture on the iron throne


9. Meet our friendly Tour Guides 

As you make your way through the Studio Tour you will encounter many of our Tour Guides who are friendly, approachable and deeply knowledgeable about the making of Game of Thrones. Many of them were even extras or worked on the show!  

Make sure to say hello – you will be amazed at some of the behind-the-scenes stories you will learn. 

tour guides at Game of Thrones Studio Tour


10. See the real and original Iron Throne  

Come face to face with the most iconic piece of Game of Thrones history, the Iron Throne. 

In the Throne Room you will be able to see the original and only screen used Iron Throne that was used throughout the eight seasons and ten years filming of Game of Thrones.  

Iron Throne, Game of Thrones Studio Tour Iron Throne, original Iron Throne


These were just a few of our picks of what to do when you come to Game of Thrones Studio Tour. Come and experience the world of Game of Thrones and enjoy an epic day out like no other.  

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