Special Effects & Interactives

When the script calls for an enormous dragon to soar overhead or an entire city to be engulfed in flame, there’s only one place to turn: the Special Effects (SFX) and Visual Effects (VFX) masters.

At Game of Thrones Studio Tour, you can step behind the scenes with our cool interactives and green screen photo opportunities. Place yourself in an epic battle scene, try on the armour of a Kingsguard and don’t forget to get your picture taken on the Iron Throne.

These creative teams use physical techniques and cutting-edge digital work to make those impossible scenes seem real. Their tools of the trade include pyrotechnics (fire/explosions), scale models, and weather like rain, snow and fog, coupled with green screens and animation to create those epic scenes on Game of Thrones.

Step beyond the screen and explore the making of Game of Thrones.

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